Nugget City: A True Yukon Desination

You’ve discovered gold!

Nugget City, Yukon – Worry free 24HR Gas & Diesel. Enjoy unique gift items and native art in The Northern Beaver Post. Enjoy a stay in one of our 4 star cottages, or go all out and try our Jacuzzi suite! The Baby Nugget RV Park is one of the Yukon’s newest and most modern RV Parks, and is proud to offer you a WIFI connection based upon availability. The Wolf It Down Restaurant and Bakery offers a wide variety of menu items including our famous buffalo steaks, burgers and BBQ rack of ribs! For our rustic campers we offer an enjoyable, and natural tenting area with a creek nearby for fishing. Contact Nugget City today to make a reservation!

You’re in the Yukon!
North of Canada’s 60th parallel, where the sun never sets during the summer, and the sky dances at night, you can see where nature has been very generous to the Yukon. She even provided us with her own nightly fireworks show. The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights as they’re commonly called, are a visual panorama of colours shooting across the night sky in the fall and winter. Yukon rivers crash and tumble through valleys carved by ice. Here you’ll find beautiful mountains, deep boreal forests, blazing hillsides of fireweed, untouched lakes, and fabulous fishing.

You’ll also see the Yukon’s beauty in its wildlife. While driving down the Alaska Highway, it is not uncommon for you to see a moose running down the side of the road with her calf or you might spot a mother grizzly with two playful cubs by the river’s edge or even a valley overflowing with caribou.

You’re gonna love it here!

We invite you to wander through our website, look at all the unique items in our gift store, tour our cottages, restaurant and RV Park. Want to know Nugget City’s History? Looking for a true Yukon Story?

Looking for your own Yukon Resort?

Nugget City is up for sale! Work 6 months of the year, travel the other 6 months of the year. You can view the listing here and contact Property Guys for more info.